Castle Rock restaurant, C&C Breakfast & Korean Kitchen, that defied Colorado's safer-at-home rule on Mother's Day is closing it's doors for good after a turbulent three months.

The restaurant's owner's, Jesse and April Arellano, posted on Facebook Friday announcing they would be closing the Castle Rock location because of financial hardship, although the pair intends to keep running their Colorado Springs restaurant at 162 Tracker Drive.

The state health department shut down the Castle Rock cafe after a video of the packed eatery received national attention. Gov. Jared Polis said that C&C Breakfast & Korean Kitchen's restaurant license would be revoked “indefinitely” and “probably for 30 days,” according to the Gazette's reporting in May.

"We take the laws of our state seriously," Polis said during a news conference after the incident. "As citizens and residents we don't have to agree with every law ... . We don't have the ability to violate laws and threaten others."

But the Arellanos pushed pack and sued Polis. The suit alleged that Polis and state health officials singled out the Arellano's restaurant, the Gazette reported in May.

Since the dispute started, the restaurant raised over $35,000 on GoFundMe. But despite donations and the restaurant's reopening since May, the Arellanos found that running a second location wasn't viable and decided not to renew their lease in Castle Rock.

"We have been involved in the community for almost 7 years in Castle Rock, we love the relationships that we have built," the owners wrote. "We have some tuff [sic] choices to make. We prayed about it and we are going to try to stop the financial bleeding between our two locations."

C&C Breakfast & Korean Kitchen's Castle Rock location opened for the last time Sunday. Now, the Colorado Springs location will be the only active restaurant for the Arellanos.




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