A lift at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Ian Zinner.

A lift at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Ian Zinner.

A favorite among Colorado's Front Rangers, Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort announced last Friday that they are planning to further reduce the number of unrestricted passes sold next season as part of an ongoing effort to maintain their unique "vibe."

A March 12 blog post from COO Alan Henceroth details the change, stating that 10 percent fewer unrestricted passes will be sold at the resort next season compared to the 2020-2021 season. For these pass holders, reservations will not be required.

The resort will also continue to limit the number of lift tickets sold online, requiring that all non-passholders purchase tickets online and in advance throughout the season. There will be no lift tickets sold on-site and it is expected that tickets will sell out on a regular basis.

As said by Henceroth, "a critical factor for a successful day is keeping crowd size down and skiers and riders spread out."

While Arapahoe Basin has spent several years trying to ramp up the popularity of the destination amid multiple construction projects and a significant expansion that added 500 acres to the resort, the decision has been made to dial back this push.

The resort is now "actively working to reduce the number of skiers on weekends and holidays," focusing on attracting a "comfortable" number of skiers each day throughout the season with hopes of bettering the ski day experience. Pricing and ticket inventories will compliment this effort, pushing people to weekday options.

Arapahoe Basin has exploded in popularity over recent years as newcomers to the Colorado scene have flocked into the state's outdoor recreation space. Once a spot for locals to find a weekend escape outside of the major resorts, Arapahoe Basin became a spot where the lift line was often packed and parking lots continued to fill to the brim. Some long-time fans of the destination have found that this transition into the spotlight cost Arapahoe Basin its unique atmosphere that once made the spot so appealing to visit.

"This is a big, big change. We are ready for this change," wrote Henceroth. "We know our skiers and riders want to preserve the A-Basin culture and vibe. We know they want to cherish and enjoy this stunning place. There are many great resorts in the world, but there is no place quite like Arapahoe Basin. By making these changes, we plan on keeping it that way."

It is unclear if any changes will be made in regard to conglomerate passes that include days at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort.

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Kudos to Mr. Henceroth and A-Basin! They actually value guest experience and not just making as much money as possible I hope other resorts and industries take note! Thank you!


Don't kid yourself. Prices will go up accordingly...they won't leave any money on the table.


Have you looked at their season pass rates? Next season renewals are on sale now, under $500. Very reasonable. They are limiting number of passes sold. I don't know of any other ski area that does that. And last season they were the only mountain in the country (maybe the world) to reopen after the shut down. Pass holders only, so they literally made no money from reopening, done soley for the skiers/riders.

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