Lucky charm magic four-leaf clover Photo Credit: Kateryna Kovarzh (iStock).

Photo Credit: Kateryna Kovarzh (iStock).

In the spirit of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday, career website Zippia conducted an analysis in which they sought to determine which American states are the 'luckiest.' By diving into data that included number of Big Lotto winners, average life expectancy, and weather fatalities, among other things, they were able to compare the 'luck' factor of all 50 states.

Colorado wasn't ranked as one of the top 10 'luckiest' didn't even crack the top 25.

 Zippia ranked Colorado 32nd, likely driven by a low number of just 3 Big Lotto winners. This compares to 33 winners in Missouri, which has a similar population compared to the Centennial State.

While some data points brought Colorado's ranking down, local life expectancy was notably high at 80 years – one of the highest in America. In that regard, Coloradans were considered quite 'lucky.'

Leading the charge among the luckiest of states was Minnesota, where residents have less of a chance of dying in an automobile or weather-related accident. Also with a similar population to Colorado, Minnesota was home to 22 Big Lotto winners.

The least 'lucky' state was Mississippi followed by Alabama. Both of these states have no Big Lotto winners, a low life expectancy, a higher chance of death in an automobile accident, and a low annual income.

While Colorado didn't rank too well based on the criteria Zippia included in their report, it's likely that most Coloradans feel lucky to live there thanks to the many days of sunshine, beautiful scenery, and never-ending list of things to do. I know this writer does.

Do you feel lucky to live in Colorado? Let us know in the comments.

See a full breakdown of this analysis of luck here.

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I wonder if Coloradans play the big lottos less than some of those states that had more winners.

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