Bob Salem will attempt to become the fourth person in history to push a peanut up Pikes Peak, according to a news release from the city of Manitou Springs.

Salem’s effort coincides with Manitou’s 150th anniversary and celebration, and is billed as part of its official festivities.

Bill Williams was the first to set this bizarre peanut-themed precedent in 1929, and he did it on a bet, which he won. The Texan accomplished his peanut push in 11 days.

Ulysses Baxter is the latest peanut-pusher and current record holder. He covered the 11-mile trek in eight days in 1963 with a wooden salad spoon attached to his nose.

Now, 59 years after Baxter, Salem is going to give it a try. The Colorado Springs man is set to crawl up America’s Mountain via the Barr Trail on July 9 with an undisclosed “contraption” taped to his nose.

“There is no city like Manitou Springs,” Salem said in the news release. “I hope everyone takes the time to visit and indulge in the rich history the Pikes Peak area represents.”

Salem expects to reach the 14,115-foot summit of Pikes Peak on July 17.

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Jackie Treehorn

Not all the nuts are locked up.

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