Pizza Photo Credit: kajakiki (iStock).

Photo Credit: kajakiki (iStock).

Did you know that on any given day, 13 percent of Americans are eating pizza? Convenient, highly customizable, often cheap, and very filling, there's no doubt that this Italian dish is one of the most popular meals in the United States.

While Colorado isn't necessarily known for its food, there's a pretty good local pizza line-up to be found in the Centennial State. In fact, a recent data analysis conducted by revealed that Denver was the 12th best city for 'pizza addicts' among the country's 100 most populated cities.

At an average citywide cost of $10.99 per pie, just over the national average of $10.39, there are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to hunting down a piping hot slice in the Mile High City. A few of the most popular pizza places in Denver are Blue Pan, White Pie, and Cart-Driver, according to Yelp, though competition is stiff, with more than 200 places for 'za listed by the service.

While Denver was ranked highly among America's big cities, Colorado Springs ranked 66th and Aurora ranked an embarrassing 92nd of 100.

Denver isn't the only silver lining though, when it comes to pizza in Colorado.

Colorado is home to a unique pizza style that's hard to find anywhere else – the mountain pie. Perhaps best served at Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs (and at other locations around the state), a mountain pie means a massive rim of crust around the pizza's edge, sometimes made with wheat and often dipped in honey.

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Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza. Photo Credit: Beau Jo’s

Another unique aspect of Colorado's pizza culture is the way that pizza seems to play an integral role in mountain town life. From Secret Stash in Crested Butte to Brown Dog Pizza in Telluride, hidden pizza-serving gems can be found in nearly ever pocket of the state.

Do you think Denver pizza is noteworthy? What about Colorado pizza, in general? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Love Secret Stash in CB!!!! IMG_4124.jpeg


Pino's Place, E Hampden Ave Cherry Hills Village 80113



Colorado does not have good pizza, or Italian - anywhere


You probably just haven't found Elevation Pizza in Fraser/Winter Park.

David Graupner

"Colorado Style Pizza” sounds as silly as ”New York Style Green Chili"

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