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Photo Credit: miroslav_1 (iStock).

A city in Colorado that's been exploding in growth over the past decade, Colorado Springs has been ranked as one of the best places in the country to find a job.

According to an analysis released by WalletHub that considered 180 cities and 32 metrics, Colorado Springs is the 9th best city to find a job in the country. While Colorado Springs ranked well overall, the city didn't rank extremely high across the board. This ranking was also at odds with another recently published job market forecast.

Aerial View of Colorado Springs at Dusk

An aerial view of Colorado Springs. Photo Credit: Jacob Boomsma (iStock).

The WalletHub analysis divided metrics into two key categories – 'job market' and 'socio-economics.' Colorado Springs ranked high when it came to the local job market – 7th place – but much lower in socio-economics factors – 53rd of 180... good, not great. Factors like job opportunity, employment growth, average starting salary, and industry variety were included in the 'job market' analysis, while factors like housing affordability, dating-friendliness, and safety were included among 'socio-economic' metrics.

It's also worth noting that Colorado Springs wasn't the only spot in the Centennial State to be ranked in WalletHub's '2021 best cities for jobs' analysis. Denver ranked 55th and Aurora ranked 75th, the latter of which was pulled down by a 141st place ranking in socio-economic factors. Topping the WalletHub list of best cities for jobs was South Burlington, Vermont and Hialeah, Florida was ranked the lowest.

While this WalletHub analysis is quite positive about the employment outlook in Colorado Springs, other rankings related to the job hunt haven't cast the city in a similar light. According to an article published by the Colorado Springs Gazette in December, 2020, the city has been forecast to have the 4th worst job market in the nation for the first quarter of the year. In that analysis, Denver fared better than Colorado Springs, but both were behind compared to the national forecast.

As uncertainty continues amid a national pandemic, only time will tell which prediction is more correct.

See the full ranking and methodology of the WalletHub analysis here.

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I love C. Springs. It's been my hometown since 1985. Sadly, concerning jobs, the Springs has a true problem with age discrimination. Major employers have an abysmal record in the Springs in terms of offering quality positions with acceptable compensation for folks over 50. I'm a West Point graduate, with a Master in Finance from CU. While a Vet, given that most of my military experience came in the Reserves, I was able to build up a diverse resume in non military industries in positions of ever-increasing responsibility in terms of people and budgets. In the last couple of years, desiring to end a horrific commute up the Denver each day, I sought positions reflective of my experience and education and never even gained an interview with a Springs employer. Yet, I had many in the Denver metro region. Even after seeing that I was over 50, I received several offers there that was commensurate with all I had to offer an employer. The Springs HAS to fix its ageism problem!


I've been here since 93' and visited many times as I had family here. The influx of people have completely ruined Colo Springs. It's way overcrowded, the city council has no clue what it's doing and there is ALWAYS roadwork going on. Traffic here has California written all over it and with the left-leaning liberals coming in, what was once a great state to live in is being changed into what they left. Jobs here are not that great so if you want to move, cross Colorado off of your list.


News Flash Colorado has always been a independent/moderate vote state electing democratic president William McKinley back in 1896. Second news flash Texans tied and in some years outpaced California for new residents. Its simply pathetic and sad to make everything about politics.


As a native coloradoan the springs has always been significantly different than the rest of the state. Many jobs are government related and tied to government contracts so its a roller economy. Its such a shame the downtown area never got cleaned up.

Potation Rotation TV

Like minimum wage or tip jobs? Because I've been trying to get a professional white collar job there for 5 years and can't land a dang thing.


On the plus side, WFH opportunities are all over the place. I have a co-worker that was driving up from the Springs to Littleton every day, but then COVID hit and he gets Denver-type pay while still living in the Springs. I plan on eventually moving out into the mountains or some place with much cheaper housing and WFH will make that totally doable as long as there is decent internet.

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