Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).

Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).

It's no secret that a lot of out-of-staters have Colorado on their mind, whether it's for a vacation or for a move.

A recent data analysis published by Cinch Home Services showed that two spots in Colorado are among the top ten destinations for those considering a move.

Of surveyed people considering a move to one of the country's 50 most populated cities in 2021, 13.7 percent were considering Colorado Springs. This accounted for the 2nd highest percentage of could-be movers among the 50 cities, behind only Austin, which was the hopeful moving spot for 13.8 percent of participants.

Denver also made the list, a spot being considered by 10.8 percent of survey participants – 10th among the 50 most populous cities in the United States.

It's also worth noting that while Colorado Springs was popular among the general population, it was even more popular among baby boomers. Among this generation, Colorado Springs was ranked as the most desirable spot to move in the country, on the list of 17.1 percent of those considering migration. Other top spots considered by baby boomers include Jacksonville, Charlotte, Dallas, and Seattle.

When it came to why people were looking to move from their current hometown, reasons of crime rates, climate, and cost of living topped the list. While cost of living is increasing in Colorado, it remains far cheaper than in some of the major metropolitans around the country and with 300-plus days of sunshine, the weather in Colorado can be pretty great.

See the full survey here.

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Lived in COS for 5 years to love this place. Have travelled and stayed in Europe, Middle east, Asia, Australia and of course the US. To me, there are 3 things I care before settling anywhere - People, Place, and Project - in that order. Colorado Springs just ticks the right boxes. So no surprise it's 2nd in the list. In a way I am glad to see negative comments on COS (which are not true) as we surely don't need crowd here, to me COS provides perfect balance of population, open land and unpolluted air.


I can’t imagine Colorado Springs judged to being the 2nd best city in the country to live! It is the most judgmental, selfish, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, racist, fascist, gun loving, small minded, infrastructure devoid, plan-less cities and citizens in the world!


Uh huh. Another BS article written with bogus numbers. For reality, read the comments. It sucks here now. Too many 1di0ts moving in with their failed political ideals. It's too noisy, crowded and expensive here. Stay where you are and change it into something else.


Democraps fleeing their failed LIEberal states policies. Yet, when they get here they vote for the same failed LIEberal policies. What could go wrong?


Sincere you are a Dumbocrat state you will get all the butt heads of the the good old USA, including the ones from California

jim remley

"300 plus days of sunshine" - count them, you'll be disappointed


And yet companies like Amazon ask for tax breaks so they can move here. And the City Government gives it to them. Let's stop being the person desperate for a date. Let's understand that we don't need to sell ourselves to attract suitors.


People need to QUIT moving here, we're getting overrun with newbies and things are getting too crowded and expensive for us natives.


According to your link COS is number one with boomers. For this article I don't see an average of 2nd. Please only send your best to cos! No more jerks.

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