Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Eric Kitayama (iStock).

Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Eric Kitayama (iStock).

According to a recent data analysis, one Colorado city has some serious bragging rights when it comes to their coffee scene.

On September 21, WalletHub published a report related to which American cities were 'best for coffee lovers.' The company took a look at the 100 largest cities across 12 key indicators of 'coffee lover-friendliness,' including metrics like price per cappuccino, share of adult coffee drinks, and number of coffee shops with free Wi-Fi per capita.

Denver ranked the highest in Colorado, snagging 10th place nationwide. Meanwhile, Colorado Springs was ranked 44th and Aurora was ranked 67th. Contributing to its poor ranking, Aurora ranked 99th when it came to the average price of a cappuccino, three times more expensive than the cheapest average cappuccinos, which are found in Hialeah, Florida.

The best place for coffee nationwide was determined to be San Francisco, followed by Seattle. Detroit was determined to be the worst.

See the full analysis and methodology here.

Looking for a few spots to get coffee in Denver? The top five recommended places on Yelp include Crema Coffee House, Rivers and Roads Coffee, Blue Sparrow Coffee, Thump Coffee, and Doppio Coffee.

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For those seeking small, mountain Town coffee experiences Crested Butte is fantastic! Local roasts and charming venues are abundant.


Your coffee article was an example of a meaningless, subjective analysis based on fluff and conjecture. Is that the best of the news you see fit to report?

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