Photo Credit: FXQuadro (iStock).

Photo Credit: FXQuadro (iStock).

A type of person known for perpetually chasing the newest trends, the 'hipster' can be found in most American cities. In Colorado, they tend to buck the stereotype that all locals are one step short of Bear Grylls, instead drawn to an area by the cuisine, music, and art.

A recent analysis released by LawnStarter compared the 150 most populated US cities based on how favorable they are to the hipster demographic. While no Colorado city earned a notably high rank, one city did get ranked quite low – Colorado Springs, in the 119th spot.

While Colorado Springs ranked relatively average when it came to 'fashion' criteria (number of thrift stores, vintage shops, tattoo parlors, and barbers), and the 'lifestyle' category (environmental consciousness, bike-friendliness, yoga studios per capita, and car-free friendliness), 99th and 81st, respectively, the city ranked poorly when it came to 'culture' and 'food and drink'.

The 'culture' category included criteria like music venues per capita and art galleries per capita, with Colorado Springs ranking 135th. The 'food and drink' category considered urban gardening friendliness, farmers markets per capita, and the number of coffee roasteries, breweries, and dive bars, with Colorado Springs ranking 144th.

As someone that's lived in Colorado Springs for the better half of a decade, I think the overall 119 of 150 ranking for hipster-friendliness may be deserved, though I'd also expect the city to make upward leaps in that ranking in years soon to come. In recent months, trendy restaurants, music venues, and bars really seem to be taking off, presenting more options for live entertainment, craft beers, and $5 tacos. You know the saying – if you build it, they will come.

As Colorado Springs continues to grow as one of the top emerging housing markets nationwide, it's likely the demographic of the city's population will continue to shift, as well. After all, Colorado Springs is now a trendy place to be.

Colorado Springs wasn't the only Colorado spot ranked on the list. Denver was ranked 37th and Aurora was ranked 113th.

See the full list here.

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(4) comments


Hm. What a shame.

Oh well, I hear Fort Collins is very Hipster-friendly.


The hipsters can take their tents, stolen shopping carts and filth to Boulder.


I love the Springs. The less hipsters, the better.

Lou Montana

Eleven years ago I studied Colorado Springs very carefully.

I chose Pueblo Colorado because of affordability and traffic.

For unknown reasons Colorado Springs is a haven for homeless people. Pueblo has very little homelessness because they all go to Colorado Springs.

The crime rate in Colorado Springs has skyrocketed while the murder rate in Pueblo remains the same. Bad people die in Pueblo, it is not such a bad thing.

Everyone in Pueblo is prison yard tough and the keep to themselves.

Colorado Springs people, well, there is no Colorado Springs people. Everyone in COS is from someplace else.

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