Fort Collins, Colorado. Photo Credit: marekuliasz (iStock).

Fort Collins, Colorado. Photo Credit: marekuliasz (iStock).

Another Colorado city has gotten national recognition thanks to being such an awesome place to live.

Found along the northern Front Range foothills, Fort Collins was ranked as the best place to live in America by on their list of 100 places. Home to a lively downtown atmosphere, a booming craft beer culture, one of the state's largest universities, and a noteworthy technology sector, residents here likely find no surprise in this high ranking.

Top industries in the area include education, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare, with the city also offering ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. According to, the area is home to 100 miles of trails and more than 36,000 acres of protected natural space. Perhaps most notably, the area is home to Horsetooth Reservoir.

According to, the cost of living in Fort Collins is higher than the national average, but slightly lower than the Colorado average. The median home price is $389,700.

Other Colorado spots that made the cut for's "100 Best Places to Live" list include Longmont (25th), Castle Rock (34th), and Loveland (39th).

Do you agree with this ranking? Let us know in the comments.

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Fort Collins was unquestionably the best place in the world to be in when I was a 20 year old student at CSU (1958-1962) When the beautiful mountain meadows up Poudre Canyon were subdivided and developed, the traffic in Fort Collins became intense, and the living costs began rising I had to bail out. Western Nebraska is close to Cheyenne, Wyoming which has superseded Fort Collins as the best Front Range city. It has easy to get to with light traffic Del Range Boulevard, Sam's Club and pleasant shopping malls.


If you're looking for small towns, reasonable housing prices, and still want our incredible Colorado weather, there are many places in Colorado that fit the bill. Just not on the Front Range. Get away from I-25 or I-70, and things mellow out in all sorts of ways, quite quickly.


Fort Collins is a decent place but there are much better places to live along the front range. The criteria for these awards and classifications doesn't work. For those who are familiar with the front range, I don't think Fort Collins would be in the top 10.


Wow. A couple of negative comments on the best place in America to live. Politics has nothing to do with it, so don’t go down that path. Colorado is a beautiful place with caring people who are considerate and easy going. Colorado’s growth is unprecedented and we have to carefully monitor.

I live in Castle Rock and have nothing but positives to say...


Yeah, nice if you like carbon monoxide and particulates in the air you breathe, fighting mountain lions with your bare hands and trailheads that are full by 7 a.m.. Colorado is a myth!


So why don't you pack up and leave?

I'd suggest New York New Jersey Cuba.


I think you should chill or move. There are plenty of places in Colorado with few people. I've been here for 31 years. The good far outweighs the bad. That being said Fort Collins has not grown intelligently. The traffic is insane. It reminds me of Thornton. 20+ min to go three miles.


Who makes this junk up? What a crock. Colorado is and has been circling the drain for years. We have traffic out the wazoo, the cost of living has gone through the roof, and there are too friggin many liberals coming here just to smoke weed. So do us a favor and please don't move here.. You will regret it. Although, I do hear that Idaho is nice this time of year.


Well keep in mind the Colorado is a wonderful place to live but I agree with you about liberals they can stay in California or New York.

Of course they flee those places because of liberal policies and as soon as they get here they try to duplicate them.


Without delving into whatever data they may actually use, here's a quote from the website that picked Fort Collins as its #1:

"In addition to data-driven rankings (including our annual list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live), editorial listicles, daily articles and social media content, Livability partners with cities to develop content marketing programs with one simple goal: attracting and retaining residents and businesses."

So they're basically a two-person marketing company who -- one simply HAS to believe -- does favors for their biggest clients.

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