Colorado city dubbed “America’s snowiest city” this winter

Taken off CO. 128 in Boulder County. Photo Credit: Carol Nero.

The snowiest city in American can reportedly be found at 5,430-feet above sea-level in the Rocky Mountain foothills.

As of April 16, Boulder experienced its snowiest winter on record, with 151.2 inches of snowfall this season and counting. This was enough to make Boulder the snowiest city in America this year, according to Chris Bianchi of the Denver Post. Other cities of a similar size or larger tapped out around 100 inches, including spots in Alaska.

While other places received more snow, none met Bianchi’s 50,000-resident requirement – Boulder is home to roughly 107,000 people.

Meteorologist Matt Kelsch confirmed that Boulder had received 16.9 inches of fresh powder by 6:00 PM on Thursday. Another update from the National Weather Service showed parts of the city getting closer to 18 inches. Either way, this was enough to put Boulder past its all-time highest measured season snow total.

The winter of 1908-09 now stands as Boulder’s second snowiest season, during which time, total snowfall reached 142.9 inches. However, after spring snow piled up this week, the 111-year-old record was shattered.

Here’s a look at the top season snowfalls in the city since records were first collected in 1898.

A report from the Daily Camera indicates Boulder’s average seasonal snowfall is 85 inches per year while Denver sees around 57 inches of snowfall per year.

The snow isn’t over just yet. According to Joel Gratz of OpenSnow, the next spring snowstorm moves in on Saturday. Snow showers are expected throughout the afternoon and evening.

How much snow did you get this winter? Share your snow stories in the comments below!


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