Fortune teller reading tarot Photo Credit: urbazon (iStock).

Photo Credit: urbazon (iStock).

Looking to live the life of a witch? A couple Colorado spots might be for you, but there's one city you should probably steer clear from.

A recent data analysis conducted by LawnLove compared the 200 largest cities in the United States across 18 different metrics related to witchcraft. This included factors like the number of local tarot readers, access to a coven, and how many local metaphysical supply stores there are.

Ranking best in Colorado was Denver, ranking 17th nationwide. In a category breakdown, Denver performed even better in three metric categories – 'covens' (12th), 'health' (13th), and 'supplies' (13th), though the Mile High City was brought down by a 37th-place rank in the 'spirituality' category – basically, this category of data set looked at the presence of witch-related professions and education opportunities. Meanwhile, Colorado Springs also ranked highly nationwide – 20th – with a rank of 13th in the 'spirituality' category where Denver fell short, ranking 23rd in 'covens,' 20th in 'health,' and 34th in 'supplies.'

The 'coven' category of data looked at the local witch-related communities available, while 'health' looked at the number of local healers and 'supplies' included data related to purchasing the goods needed for practice – everything from mineral shops to candle stores.

Elsewhere in Colorado, Fort Collins ranked 69th nationwide, Aurora ranked 76th, and Lakewood ranked 136th. No local spot ranked worse than Thornton, which ranked 196th nationwide. This city tied for having the worst 'supplies' rank in the country (199th) and ranked 198th in terms of 'spirituality' – probably not a great place for a witch.

The top place nationwide was New York City, followed by Los Angeles and Houston.

See the full analysis here.

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(3) comments


Wonder if they included Manitou in Colorado Springs ranking? Would've been better to be like Thornton.


That's funny. I spent b the first 43 years of my life in Colorado. At the present time I'm located in Salem, MA which is basically the witch capital of the world. I'm surprised it wasn't number 1. Perhaps it's just because it is a smaller town. I can't wait to get back to Colorado! I miss my mountains. Until then I'll keep keep a little piece of CO with me through my Out There Colorado news stories. Thanks guys!


I was just about to say I thought it was Salem, .Ma where the start of it all was!! Right next to New York too! Jess

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