High-flying zipline soars past canyon walls in Colorado mountains

Spencer McKee walks across a high-altitude bridge linking two of the Soaring Adventures ziplines. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.

The TripAdvisor 2021 Travelers' Choice awards have been announced and one Colorado experience was recognized on a world-wide scale.

Snagging the tenth place spot on the 'best experiences in the world' ranking was the 'Fins Course' Scenic Zipline Tour in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Operated by Broadmoor Outfitters, the 'Fins Course' of the Soaring Adventure zipline experience consists of several ziplines tucked among stunning rock formations, cliff drops, and canyon walls. The entire course takes about three hours and it ends with a 180-foot rappel the delivers guests to the base of a waterfall. The course also features custom-built suspension bridges that add to this already unique experience.

Spencer McKee ziplines on the 'Fins Course' of The Broadmoor's Soaring Adventure experience. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.

Spencer McKee ziplines on the 'Fins Course' of The Broadmoor's Soaring Adventure experience. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.

The 'Fins Course' can be combined with the 'Woods Course', which features ziplines that soar over tree-filled valleys.

Looking to try out the 'Fins Course'? It'll run you $233.10 per person. If you're looking to check out the combo tour, it's $327.60.

Learn more about this experience here.

One other United States experience was featured on TripAdvisor's full list of 25 experiences – a clear kayak tour of Florida's Shell Key Preserve, ranking 4th.

The list was topped by a jet ski tour of Dubai. See the full list here.

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There is also 3 total US locations in the top 10 including this one in Colorado and 4 in the top 25. Seems like I shouldn't have to say it, but Puerto Rico is part of the US and so are the US Virgin Islands.

The Gregarious Recluse

Nobody makes any money off a negative review. Any article that quotes Trip Advisor should be questioned as much as the B.S. reviews found therer. TA is a joke since many of it reviews are either bogus (positive) or deleted (negative), all to appease the owner of the business, NOT the customer. TA is more concerned making a dime, than telling you the truth.


Excellent post!

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