Photo: Cameron Peak Fire official Facebook page.

Photo released on Friday, October 16. (Cameron Peak Fire official Facebook page).

Strong winds and dry conditions continue to stoke the Cameron Peak Fire.

In a recent announcement, fire officials took to Facebook to let the public know that crews were pulled from Miller Creek, The Retreat, and Storm Mountain areas due to "extreme fire activity." Firefighters on the scene reported that the fire has been "moving very fast."

Another virtual meeting as been scheduled for Friday night at 7:30 to update the community, to be held on Facebook. Many are expecting the fire's size to be reported at larger than the 167,153 acres that was announced on Friday morning. Containment was last listed as 56 percent.

US 34 through Big Thompson Canyon was closed to thru-traffic from Mall Road in Estes Park to east of the Dam Store. This closure was put in place to allow for emergency evacuations of residents.

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One question I have is before Weds. When this fire exploded for some say 30,000 acres as well as something like 17 miles eastward directly for the middle of Loveland and Fort Collins over The course of only 24hrs. The containment was listed at 56% back then yet after the massive expansion since Tuesday. They "CLAIM" that containment is still 56% somehow??? Just doesn't seem to add up if you ask me.

Another strange observation.... Over the 2+ months this strange fire has been allowed to grow and now especially being right at our doorstep. Where is all the air support that should be constantly dumping water and other stuff on this fire??? It is not only me who has noticed the basically non existent use of such tools??

The last question I will present but certainty not the last of questions people should be demanding more explanations about is .... So I keep hearing how they've been working and focusing so much attention and resources on is the western border of this fire. Why wouldn't you put the bulk of your attention on the the east/southern borders instead? You know the directions where the larger population centers were located? Not to mention that another excuse is that the terrain well I would think the closer you get to larger population centers the more accessible and easier the terrain would be to fight the fire and the further out in un-populated areas of wilderness where they say they have been containing this fire would prove much more difficult to even attempt to fight this fire. Although it still needs to be addressed but maybe especially after over 2months of time the focus should be and been on the direction that large population's and buildings are located.

I am sorry but this whole thing stinks and it's not coming from just all the smoke we've been gagging on. Since no One else seems to being saying so I apologize for being the one to say something but if you haven't been asking yourself any of these questions yet you might wanna start paying attention and thinking logically.

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