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The head brewers of the Colorado breweries Old 121 Brewhouse and Banded Oak Brewing have enlisted the help of Chat GPT to develop an all new recipe for this year's Collaboration Beerfest. 

Collaboration Beerfest is an annual festival hosted by the Colorado Brewers Guild where 175 breweries across Colorado work in teams to create 125 unique brew recipes. 

The Old 121 Brewhouse x Banded Oak Brewing team decided to get in on the AI craze this year by asking Chat GPT to assist on recipe. 

"With advances in AI technology, we wanted to test the limits and see if AI knew how to craft a beer worthy of Collab Fest. Old 121 and Banded Oak worked together with Chat GPT to identify some of the newest trends in craft beer, which is how we landed on a Wellness Beer (beer that uses holistic qualities of ingredients in the final product). We then asked the AI to construct a recipe for a Wellness Beer," according to the Collaboration Beerfest website.

The result? A beer aptly named "The Bots Made Us Do It".  Its creators have not yet announced what ingredients are in the recipe just yet. 

If you want to be among the first to try "The Bots Made Us Do It", Collaboration Beerfest will take place on Saturday, March 25. For more information, or to buy tickets, visit the fest's website here

"We’re excited to share this beer as an exploration of what AI can bring to the brewing scene and also test how sophisticated the technology really is."

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