Polis holds a mask Photo Credit: David Zalubowski (AP Photo)

Photo Credit: David Zalubowski (AP Photo)

Announced by Governor Jared Polis on Friday, vaccinated Coloradans are now able to go mask free in most indoor settings. Unvaccinated Coloradans are still instructed to wear a mask while indoors.

"We're going from a mask wearing requirement to mask wearing suggestions and guidance," said Polis. Polis clarified unvaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask, but not officially ordered.

Indoor settings where masks are still required include when a business makes the decision to continue with this practice. Polis stated that many Colorado business will likely keep this requirement, encouraging people to still bring a mask with them while out and about.

Masks will still be required in some other scenarios unless someone can prove they've been vaccinated, including prisons and jails, emergency medical and healthcare settings, school settings, and congregate care facilities.

Some employers may also continue to require employees to wear masks.

The move was made in coordination with new CDC guidance which lifted the recommendation for the vaccinated to continue wearing masks indoors.

State level restrictions for events of 500 people or more will continue through at least June 1, though Polis expects this requirement to end after that.

During the press conference regarding the announcement, Polis encouraged Coloradans to get vaccinated if they have not already. Polis stated that 5 million vaccines have been administered in the state thus far, which was described as a key reason why the lifting of the indoor mask order for some was possible. 

Watch the full press conference here.

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I identify as vaccinated


It's about time. Masks are ineffective. The damage done to our economy has been enormous.

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