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Money Magazine just ranked one spot in Colorado the second best place to live in the country – and it's probably not a town on your radar.

Found just 25 miles south of Denver, the Town of Parker earned this spot thanks to breathtaking views, its proximity to Denver's technology district, and a natural resource-driven economy. It's also worth noting that the population of Parker is booming. Home to around 45,000 residents in 2010, the town's population is now closer to 60,000.

The proximity to Denver means that a lot of the local residents are commuting to the Mile High City for work, though coronavirus changes likely have many more residents working from home. It's also worth noting that a high percentage of the people in this community are home owners – 76 percent.

Only one other Colorado spot also made the cut for Money Magazine's list of 50 best places to live – Broomfield, Colorado ranked as the 18th best spot. Evans, Georgia took the stop spot as a quickly growing town with southern charm.

Do you agree with this ranking or does another Colorado spot belong on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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(40) comments


This is about the dumbest thing I have read in this morning's news cycle. Money Magazine has the mentality of the dorks who we skied into the ground at Vail/BC for decades. Parker is like Far West Kansas. Rolling on the floor at this one. Someone is really Out There.


What cesspool us it that yr so proud of?


Evans, Georgia took second place for its “southern charm”? Is that still a thing?


This is a sign of the totalitarian times. Douglas county changed the history books and wants to teach creationism. Natural resources is the sugar coated word for’its okay to frack in your neighborhood next to your house and pollute your family’. Parker is disgusting.


No doubt Parkerites find you disgusting.

What are you going to burn down tonight? Barber shop?


I'm grateful they didn't single out the Colorado town where I live!


In my opinion this is a bad joke. Being that close to Denver is not a plus in my opinion.


A friend of mine quickly sold her house in horror and left Parker after finding kkk leaflets on her yard on MLK day.


"A friend of mine quickly sold her house in horror and left Parker after finding kkk leaflets on her yard on MLK day." This never happened, and just adds to the hyperbole and separation that people like this are desperate for. Sad Really, to be that full of hate..



Jackie Treehorn

Sad but funny to see all of the “we don't want you here” comments. The West is a big place but Denver and the front range are overcrowded and changing for the worse. The same things people escape from they bring with them, like traffic on Friday and Sunday nights in and out of the mountains and trash left behind in the back country. Good luck with the invasion natives.


I've lived in 12 states, from the far north near Canada, the deep south and the midwest, the west coast, and abroad. I have been in Parker for 3 and a half years, having followed my children here. Many parts of Parker are crammed with houses so close together that if one catches fire, the entire block could go down. Stark, cookie cutter subdivisions with no trees and a strip of grass barely the width of a push mower for a back yard.. Traffic issues. Every square inch of land being bulldozed for new houses and every lot just a few feet of border around monstrosities of homes. Median housing prices of a half a million dollars. A large affordable housing complex is going up in the middle of an older well established neighborhood; it will not only be an eyesore but the roads are not equipped to handle the extra potential of 400 or so drivers and perhaps 800 or so a subdivision of two lane slow streets. *Extremely* poor planning. The water supply here is already stressed. Yet even in the midst of a pandemic, housing sales are booming due to people from CA, New England and other areas selling their overpriced houses for more than the overpriced houses here cost and moving here. There is much to like about Parker, the schools are good, for one thing. The very poorly planned, dangerously narrow Mainstreet (not Main Street) is an eyesore, lined with dramatically overpriced small businesses that are out of reach for many. Don't move here if all you can afford is an apartment, because that'll run you 1300-1500, for a small two bedroom, and the finishes will be tacky. With all that is difficult about living here, I've seen and lived in areas with dying economies, scores of empty businesses and horrific racial issues. I'm retired and will stay in Parker, and every time I see the Front Range I will look past the ever more crowded conditions and breathe our awesome air (after the wildfire smoke dissipates.


Im sorry but all the commebts here "liberals are killing Colorado" are hilarious! What fools to blame a party when its simply the state selling out to anyone who has the $$. As a transplant from Minnesota I have to say that your beautiful country is quite a disaster but its not because of liberals. I like the commentor who blamed it squarely on the uppity folk with money. Yup thats exactly who is buying all the beauty up while the front range struggles with too many people and inadequate roads not to mention the cost of living! Don't bring your bs politics into a convo that is really about socio economics and how someone can work full timr here with a profession but still cannot afford a house that starts at $400,000. Dont blame folks moving here from California--THIS IS California!! Your all just jelous of the rich folk enjoying what you can never have. Thats todays America and it's not from liberal politics. Colorado sold out years ago. Period.


no doubt the poor should live elsewhere, that's how it should be.


You don't know the first thing about Parker or real estate.

Co Native Inc.

We have no more room for you out of state people seeking some sort of golden opportunity, but go ahead and move to Parker nobody really likes it there, it's overated ugly, and far from anything you dreamed of , so go back to NY, NJ, Texas we don't want you here or need you here, we the people of Colorado have to deal with all these out of state wannabees ruining our beautiful state not to mention over populating out state , but yeah go ahead and move here...Good Luck..


Aww cute you're a "native" and I won't be going back to Jersey anytime soon 😘


Another jealous dunce stuck in "downtown" Aurora.


Parker sucks!!!!! As do all the people coming to Colorado, stop building pointless brand new buildings when others are vacant and stop building homes; don't let anymore of them in and make the ones leave that have moved here in the past oh let's say 7 years(my dream). I've lived here my whole life, 50 years and never thought about leaving the state, even refused to a couple times and now it's definitely a reality, unfortunate but true!!


I love most of Colorado, but the Front Range is being destroyed by overpopulation and liberal Democrats. They keep raising taxes and providing worse services. There are some incredible places on the western slope, such as NW Colorado. I'll probably retire in Wyoming where they don't have state income tax.


Do not agree at all. What the heck is there to do in Parker? Drive to Denver? The houses all look the same, basically a suburban wasteland except Colorado takes suburbs to a whole other level since there are hardly any trees or style in buildings.


What is there to do in Parker?

Raise your children in safety with good schools away from ghetto thugs and drive by shootings.

Jeff Rivers

I thought Parker was famously a "suburban hellscape". I guess that's what Money Magazine likes?


Parker is conservative? I live in Denver and am fed up with riots and liberals. Looking at Parker real estate now!


i can't wait to move to Douglas county.


Biggest over-rated and over-built town I have ever seen. The projected growth has lagged and many of the big box stores could not be supported and closed. Since as you say folks are driving in amd out of Denver amd DTC the just stop on the way home. Way too conservative and self-important for me!


Feel free to stay in commerce City.


I have lived in both Highlands Ranch and Parker (the last 4 years). I intend to move back to Highlands Ranch for one reason that well ranks higher than Parker ever can. Highlands Ranch is much closer to the mountains and all that they hold. Parker can never move closer and the drive to the base of the front range is about an hour just to get to that mountain panorama viewed from Parker.


Not on e470 it is not probably barely 30 minutes.


It's only a good place to live if you are white, wealthy, and don't care that your neighbors are racist and classist bigots with zero empathy.


You sound like a self-loathing racist to me. Probably a poor one at that.


Nice pack of lies. Colorado is one of the least racist states of all. Technically, their is only one race, human. So, not really sure what racist is supposed to mean. You are inviting hate and division.


There have been several "news" reports about a migration of people to Colorado, particularly among New Yorkers, Californians, and Chicagoins. I must say the appeal of Colorado is our sunshine to cloud ratio, our distinct separation of seasons, and the availability of outdoor space and activities. All of these are wonderful things, but are threatened by people running from over reaching state governments regulating waterways, National Parks, and justifying poor management with higher taxes. As far as I am concerned these people need to stay put and correct the mistakes made in their own states and not bring the problems here.



Mark Levin

Obviously their evaluation criteria are very urban centric otherwise they'd never list anywhere on the Front Range cesspool as being a good place to live! But, at least they didn't tell anyone about the places that are actually good, so we can be thankful for that!


Denver is not designed for commuters. If you can take light rail maybe that is best. Glad to have escaped the ratrace😁


The liberals in colorado are killing the state, it's just sad to watch


Right... liberals wouldn't have elected Gardner- they're no longer the majority.


You need to review the numbers and Gardner's history.

Comment deleted.

I concur with Smokey grits. We can all see what liberal policies have done to Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and other places with skyrocketing crime.

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