File photo. Photo Credit: Maestrovideo (iStock).

File photo. Photo Credit: Maestrovideo (iStock).

Believe it or not, Bigfoot has been reportedly spotted in Colorado more than 100 times in recent years, including one notable daylight spotting that occurred in Summit County, Colorado.

During this summer 2019 spotting, a daytime hiker was taking a break near an old log cabin in the area of Mayflower Gulch near Frisco when he spotted something odd at about 11,000 feet of elevation. He reports seeing a large bipedal creature attempting and failing to climb a 20-foot high snow wall. After the failed attempt at scaling the barrier, the creature moved on and out-of-sight.

The hiker was joined by two others to conduct a search of the area. During this search, the group was able to locate prints in the snow, including large hand prints and foot prints, which were photographed. That being said, they were unable to again locate the actual creature.

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The reported run-in with the mysterious creature, along with photographic evidence of the prints, was enough to prompt Bigfoot Field Research Organization investigator Scott Miles to further look into the report.

Miles decided to meet up with the witness at the site of the spotting with a second investigator, Scott Walter. At the scene, the witness was able to recount the sighting in a manner consistent with the initial report, pointing out exact landmarks involved in his story.

After deeper analysis of the witness account, investigator Scott Miles wrote "I believe that he [the witness] saw exactly what he reported and was a witness to a Sasquatch, probably a young individual that accidentally (or naively) got caught in a compromising situation in the daytime in a fairly high-traffic area."

This sighting is considered to be a 'Class A' sighting, meaning that misinterpretation or misidentification of a sighting can be ruled out with "greater confidence" compared to other sightings that may occur in dark or obscured settings.

Summit County is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings, with multiple sightings in the area having been reported in the past. One notable local finding was covered by Summit Daily in 2003, sparked by the discovery of a mysterious footprint near Buffalo Mountain.

Read the full report and find images from the Mayflower Gulch encounter here.

RELATED: The 7 Colorado counties with the most Bigfoot sightings

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Any bi pedal creature resembling an ape would starve to death guickly in any mountains, there simply is no food source for them. Probably would freeze to death as well.


This sighting is recorded in the BFRO site, with pictures. If something were trying to climb the cornice referenced here, where a few footprints and supposed handprints are shown, we would see much more of an attempt to climb than are evidenced. The handprints are too neat, and the footprints don’t even turn to the wall. I used to live in Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain, very near to this site. I’m well familiar with the gulch as it’s an easy hike for lowlanders to gather great vistas of Jacques peak and the enormous walls surrounding the gulch. Just on the other side of the ridge this supposed sighting was are two mining cabins that allow for backcountry skiing into the Clinton Gulch reservoir. I would expect what these people actually saw was a snowshoer working their way back up to the ridge, and returning to those cabins. Ski bums use those cabins regularly.


Correction...this was a sighting in July 2019...excuse me. That makes this more unlikely. The footprints in the BFRO pictures are clearly aged snowshoe tracks from the previous winter. They are not fresh tracks.


Must have been a pretty good case for the "expert" to come out and fill everyone in on the facts about what it was and what it was doing. No real biologist commentary though eh? No pics either I see. Yeah I saw the old marks you photographed that werent even fresh when you took the pics. How long did it struggle to get up the hill with you oblivious to getting a blurry pic of some kind? The track pics are so bad that ouytdoor colorado uses a pic of a buffalo eye rather than the actual pics. That's good comedy right there....

Jack Regard

They were able to photograph the hand & footprints but I guess they were too dumbfounded to take a pic of Sasquatch himself? That in itself makes me suspicious. Not saying I don’t believe in Sasquatch, but the first thing I’d want to do is take a pic.


I just happened to see this article. I don't look for them. My wife and I never believed in stuff like this, until we visited a small Springs resort/motel. Can't remember the name, but it's in Colorado. My wife and I couldn't sleep, so we went out to the big pool and just got in. We noticed 2 other people at the other end, maybe 30' away. As soon as we acknowledged them, they climbed out and walked into the woods. That was strange, but not as strange as both of them being about 10' tall, very muscular and pale.

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