A black bear searches for salmon droppings.

File photo of a black bear. Photo Credit: Rob Pauley (iStock).

Clear Creek County Sheriff's is asking local residents to keep an eye out for a large black bear, wanted on suspicion of breaking into 18 homes and cabins, possibly with an accomplice bear. 

"There were two bears who either conspired or worked separately and broke into 18 homes and cabins in the area," said Clear Creek County Undersheriff Bruce Snelling. 

One of the bears has been successfully captured and relocated to an unpopulated area by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), according to Snelling. 

"If they can get to him, that is what we hope can happen for the second bear," Snelling said. 

"People leave food out or other things that will attract the bear, that's part of what causes this. And then some people get mad when we take measures to evacuate the animal," Snelling said. 

The first bear was tagged by CPW before it was released, and if it returns or starts displaying similar behavior in other areas, CPW may opt for euthanization. 

Wanted Bear

Photo via Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office

"I don't work for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, so I am not sure of their specific protocol, but typically the bear may be euthanized if it makes repeat visits or becomes a nuisance. If the bear should become aggressive toward humans, they will execute it," Snelling explained. 

Colorado is home to around 17,000-20,000 black bears, according to CPW. Over the last two years the organization has received 10,312 reports of bear sightings and conflicts statewide. Keeping possible bear attractants, like food and garbage, out of reach of animals in an easy way to prevent human-bear encounters like this one. 

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