Bear crashes couple’s maternity photos in Colorado

A black bear unexpectedly dropped in on a couple’s maternity photoshoot in Colorado Springs. Photo Credit: Ana G. Gutierrez Photography.

Typically, when something unexpected happens in a planned photoshoot, it’s not ideal. However, one Colorado couple recently got the perfect dose of wild when a black bear made a surprise appearance in their Colorado Springs maternity shoot.

“It was the perfect mama bear moment,” says Ana Gutierrez, the owner behind the camera lens of Ana G Gutierrez Photography, who was conducting a maternity session Wednesday at Red Rocks Open Space. Georgia and Daniel Williams, and their son Jude were posing near the lake when the unexpected visitor came out from the bushes.

Luckily, the photo-bombing bear only seemed a little curious and did not behave aggressively. After snapping a few photographs, the bear calmly walked off, leaving the couple behind with the unforgettable wildlife moment caught on camera.

Bear crashes couple’s maternity photos in Colorado

Photo Credit: Ana G. Gutierrez Photography.

This isn’t the first wildlife encounter for the Colorado-based photographer. Ana says a deer once crashed at photography session also held at Red Rocks Open Space.

Bear crashes couple’s maternity photos in Colorado

It’s not uncommon to see wildlife in the area. A curious deer also crept into a photography session at Red Rocks Open Space. Photo Credit: Ana G. Gutierrez Photography.

There is often wildlife roaming around the popular outdoor recreation park, located just minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. Here’s a look at where it’s located on the map.

Editor’s Note: If you encounter a bear, stay calm. Do not turn your back and run. Speak calmly and back away slowly. Avoid making eye contact. Black bears are not usually a threat. If the bear moves closer or starts to act aggressively, shout, jump, and wave your arms above your head, and as a very last resort, fight back.


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