Photo: Rocky Mountain National Park.

Photo: National Park Service.

Thanks to the Sam Schneider Legacy Foundation, an all-terrain wheelchair is now offered at Rocky Mountain National Park at no cost.

The rugged three-wheeled, all-terrain wheelchair was donated to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy by the Sam Schneider Legacy Foundation and is available for any visitor to the national park that's in need of a more versatile wheelchair option.

Designed with two mountain bike-style all-terrain wheels under the chair and a third wheel that adds stability in the front, this special chair makes it easier to navigate rocky trails, snow-covered paths, and dirt roads. It's also got special levered handles that can be used by the person in the chair, as well as push handles on the back for use if a hiking friend is assisting someone in the chair.

Photo: Rocky Mountain National Park.

Photo: National Park Service.

The wheelchair can be reserved at no cost by calling the Estes Park Mountain Shop at 970-586-6548.

The Sam Schneider Legacy Foundation aims "to raise funds for Ewing sarcoma research, raise awareness for Ewing sarcoma and pediatric cancers, provide education for medical professionals," according to the website. The foundation also aims to share Sam Schneider's story, an avid mountain biker that developed cancer at 19, passing away less than two years later.

Upon his diagnosis, Sam created an 'adventure bucket list' of things he wanted to enjoy with his family and friends, including activities like taking a flight over Denver, racing supercars, and spending time in nature with the people he cared about. The video below captures some of those moments.

Read more about the foundation here.

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I sure hope it works for disabled folk...

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