A cyclist at Garden of the Gods. File photo. Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).

A cyclist at Garden of the Gods. File photo. Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).

Colorado Springs broke its daily heat record on Tuesday during near-critical fire weather conditions and as a persistent drought spreads across the state, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). 

At around 11:30 AM, the temperature in Colorado Springs hit 70 degrees, breezing past the city's previous record of 69 degrees, set in 1925.

"While there are several hours left in the afternoon, increasing cloud cover will make any further warming difficult," NWS said in a tweet.  

A Red Flag Warning has also been issued in the area, meaning fire weather conditions are considered critical or near critical, according to the NWS. 

Chances of snow showers return to the area on Wednesday, with expected highs near 45 degrees. 

The city's neighbors to the north in Denver have been experiencing an unseasonably dry fall as well. In fact since Monday, Denver has broken the record for consecutive days without measurable snow in the city on a daily basis

The Colorado Climate Center predict La Niña weather patterns to push dry conditions through the state into next spring.

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Skip Schweiss

a temperature of 70 degrees is "shattering" the previous record of 69 degrees? C'mon, man!


The word “shattered” is nowhere to be found in the article or headline.

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