Climber fights with bad weather in the winter mountains

File photo. Photo Credit: Radoslav Stoilov (iStock).

High country hikers, beware – wintery weather is once again rearing its head in Colorado, even though July is just days away.

Multiple peaks in Colorado are likely to get several inches of snow this week – particularly in the area of central Colorado's Sawatch Range. A few flakes are expected to fall on Monday night, but Tuesday night is when the real accumulation will come.

According to, Mount Massive is expected to 6.3 inches overnight on Tuesday, with a little bit of snow earlier in the day and light snow possible on Wednesday night. This peak is expected to be on the higher end of accumulation totals during this wave of snow, along with neighboring Mount Elbert, as well as nearby La Plata Peak.

Other fourteen-thousand foot peaks in the Sawatch Range, including Mount Princeton, Mount Shavano, and Mount Belford, will likely see snow totals on Tuesday night in the range of three to five inches.

It's worth noting that snow in the Sawatch Range isn't just falling on 14,000-foot summits. Snow accumulation is also expected in the area of treeline and is likely below it, as well.

Elsewhere in the state, Pikes Peak isn't expected to see more than a few flurries. Same with Longs Peak. Peaks in the south, like Mount Sneffels, are also unlikely to see much accumulation due to above-freezing temperatures.

This week is expected to be a rainy one around much of Colorado. Be aware of how this impacts the trail-going experience if you're setting out on a hike. Avoid stepping off trail to avoid mud and be ready to tackle less-than-favorable conditions with traction aids and waterproof layers. Be aware that any weather forecast is subject to rapid change.


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