Tim Watkins

Tim Watkins was found shot to death on Mount Herman in 2017. His body was discovered in a shallow grave near Limbaugh Canyon.

Tim Watkins' body was found in a shallow grave, marked with bullet wounds and covered with pine needles, four years ago this week.

His family is still looking for answers. 

Law enforcement has not released an update on the Palmer Lake mountain biker's death in more than a year, and it has been more than three years since authorities said the killing was unlikely to be solved. But some in Watkins' family are still hoping for justice, as Tuesday marks four years since they last heard from him. 

"Someone somewhere knows something, and the family wants closure," Watkins' sister Bonnie Gray said. "The family wants whoever murdered Tim to be behind bars."

Watkins body was found about 20 feet from a trail in Limbaugh Canyon on Sept. 17, 2017. He had been shot multiple times and was last heard from three days earlier.

In the years since Watkins' death, both his parents died. Watkins' son Isaac had a son that never got to meet his grandfather.

Gray said she hadn't heard from law enforcement in three years. "We all know it's a cold case now," she said.

The El Paso County Sheriff's office, which investigated the killing, in March last year released a statement asking for community assistance in solving Watkins' homicide, though the office said it had not named any suspects.

"We are asking the community for assistance with any possible information concerning the death of Mr. Timothy Watkins," the agency said in the statement. "This case remains an active and open investigation, and all leads will be vetted."

A spokesperson and a detective for the sheriff's office did not respond to requests for comment. 

Family and friends have their own theories about what happened to Watkins. The killer likely didn't know him, they say. "I don't think my brother had too many enemies," Gray said. 

It's possible Watkins confronted someone or multiple people illegally shooting in the area, she said.

Isaac son, has other theories. Maybe the death was a result of a robbery gone wrong. Maybe multiple people were involved. Maybe Watkins rode up on someone too fast and startled them.

“It's just so strange," Isaac said. "Its all still so strange to me.”  

He still hasn't fully processed his father's death, he said, and thinks finding the killer will help bring him peace.

He wants retribution in the form of justice, though he said his father was not the type to seek payback: "Humility, love and forgiveness were just really strong attributes of him." 


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