Photo Credit: Gerald Corsi (iStock).

Photo Credit: Gerald Corsi (iStock).

COLUMBIA FALLS, Mont. (AP) — Four grizzly bears — a female and her three yearling cubs — were euthanized after repeatedly getting into improperly stored garbage and vehicles near Glacier National Park, Montana wildlife officials said.

The family of bears got into a trailer in Polebridge that was being used to store garbage, grizzly bear management specialist Tim Manley said.

The bears also got into a grill on a porch, two improperly secured garbage cans and they broke into a pickup topper with food and garbage stored inside. the Hungry Horse News reported.

The bears were captured and put down by lethal injection over Labor Day weekend.

The female bear, who spent the majority of her time in Glacier park, had been captured and radio collared several times for research and was documented to have had at least 10 cubs, officials said.

“I have said it many times before, killing bears is the worst part of my job,” Manley said. “We try to avoid having to do it but when bears become very food-conditioned and ... begin causing property damage and breaking into vehicles, trailers, and cabins, those bears are removed.”


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Even though the bears were at fault, the main fault lies with the humans. Bears don't know the difference, they are just hungry. Mankind should be held accountable with very heavy fines for not taking precaution to lock down their garbage containers. People who leave food in their cars should be fined as well. A heavy fine makes one think. $500 for small things like garbage cans $1500 for places that are intended to hold garbage.

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