Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the least we think so! 

No wonder the hashtag, #colorado, is attached to over 29 million posts on Instagram. 

From natural marvels to man-made gems, here's a list of some of the most Instagramable locations in the Centennial State. 

#redrocksampitheater (219,115 posts)

Red Rocks Amphitheater at dawn

Red Rocks Amphitheater at dawn.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is one of the most iconic music venues in the country. Wedged between two large monoliths, the venue is known for iconic musical performances and beautiful natural views.

#rockymountainnationalpark (674,512 posts)

The Loch, a popular lake destination at Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo Credit: Christian Collins (Flickr).

The Loch, a popular lake destination at Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo Credit: Christian Collins (Flickr).

Rocky Mountain National Park in one of the biggest national parks in the United States. It's home to 77 mountain peaks in total, 60 of which are over 12,000 feet high, according to the National Parks Service (NPS).   

#maroonbells (156,932 posts)

Maroon Bells at sunrise near Aspen, Colorado. Photo Credit: Xsandra (iStock).

Maroon Bells at sunrise near Aspen, Colorado. Photo Credit: Xsandra (iStock).

Aspen's Maroon Bells have been called the most photographed mountains North America, known for their pristine bell-shape and reddish hue.

#breckenridgetroll (2,939 posts)

Giant troll lurks in Colorado, and here’s how to hike to it

This giant troll is actually called Isak Heartstone, created by Thomas Dambo. This photo shows the troll at its first location. Photo Credit: Jenise Jensen, courtesy Breckenridge Creative Arts.

A simple hike down Trollstigen Trail will let you catch a glimpse of one of Colorado's most beloved works of art. Isak Heartstone is a 15-foot tall wooden troll sculpture that calls Breckenridge home, now in a new location after his initial spot caused issues due to how many people wanted to see him.

#greatsanddunesnationalpark (81,764 posts)

Great Sand Dunes Colorado

Photo credit: kwiktor. (iStock) Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado at Sunset

Great Sand Dune National Park, in Alamosa, is home to the tallest dunes in North America. They stretch 30 square miles and the tallest dune is around 750 feet high. 

#unionstation (456,435 posts)

“White Claw Winter Wonderland” Pop-Up Bar Arrives in Denver

Denver Union Station in full color for the holiday season in January of 2011. Photo Credit: Andy Smith (Flickr).

Union Station is a 100-year-old active train station in the heart of downtown Denver. The historic building houses shopping, dining, and community events regularly. 

#gardenofthegods (650,088 posts)

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado Photo Credit: Sean Pavone (iStock).

Photo Credit: Sean Pavone (iStock).

Garden of the Gods is Colorado Springs' most popular natural landmark, known for its towering red rocks. Popular formations like the Balanced Rock and the Kissing Camels are popular locations for pictures. 

#bishopscastle (21,594 posts)

13 Castles You Can Find in Colorado

Bishop’s Castle. Photo Credit: Chris Waits (Flickr)

Bishop Castle in Rye, Colorado, is one of the most unique structures in the state. The castle has been under construction since 1969, built by owner Jim Bishop and totally free to the public. Beautiful architecture, stained glass windows, and mountain views make this castle a great place for photo opportunities.

Note: The official name of this spot is Bishop Castle, not Bishop's Castle – though the hashtag #bishopcastle only has 9,531 posts link to it compared to the 21,000-plus linked to #bishopscastle.

#palisadepeaches (18,238 posts)

Palisade, Colorado Vineyard (iStock) (copy)

Photo Credit: arinahabich (iStock).

Palisade, Colorado is known for massive vineyards, wine tours, and the world famous Palisade peaches. Plenty of tourists flock there each year for wine-fueled selfies among the vines.

#denverzoo (120,591 posts)

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo. Photo Credit: denverzoo

The 80-acre Denver Zoo is home to hundreds of animals from around the world. From penguins to lions, the Denver Zoo's beautiful habitats are a great place to take pictures of beautiful and rare animals. 

#pikespeak (528,575 posts)

Pikes Peak in Spring Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).

Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).

Pikes Peak, dubbed "America's Mountain," is located in Pikes Peak National Forest near Colorado Springs. The mountain's summit is 14,115 feet tall and can be reached by foot, vehicle, or train. 

#thestanleyhotel (24,866 posts)

1,000-Mile Tour of Colorado’s National Parks


Estes Park has plenty of accommodations nearby, including the Stanley Hotel, a stunning building known for inspiring Stephen King’s, “The Shining.”

A stay at the Stanley hotel in Estes Park, Colorado inspired famous horror author Stephen King to write "The Shining." Since then, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors to Colorado that are seeking a fright. 

#royalgorgebridge (30,921 posts)

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. Photo Credit: narawon (iStock).

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. Photo Credit: narawon (iStock).

Standing 956 feet above the Arkansas river, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in America. 

Don't forget to use the hashtag, #outtherecolorado to show us your favorite locations that didn't make the list. 

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