XL winter forest blizzard Photo Credit: sharply_done (iStock).

Photo Credit: sharply_done (iStock).

The National Weather Service is calling for up to 12 inches of snow to hit Colorado's central mountains from Friday evening through Saturday, likely accompanied by wind speeds gusting up to 65 miles per hour. This has triggered a 'winter weather advisory' in much of Colorado's central mountain area.

The highest totals seem likely to land in the high-elevation areas near Aspen and Vail, where around a foot of snow accumulation is possible through Saturday night. Travel in the central mountains is expected to be very difficult due to blowing snow and slick roads. Use extreme caution.

While snow is falling in the mountains, strong winds will be hitting much of the Front Range and Eastern Plains through Saturday afternoon. Winds are expected to hit gusts between 65 and 75 miles per hour in much of this region with steady winds in the 30 to 40 mile per hour range.

While the central mountains are likely to get hit with deeper snow totals, southern and southwest Colorado have not been put under the same winter weather advisory. Snow totals over the weekend are expected to be low in this area.

Though snow will be falling, temperatures in the mountains this weekend will be relatively warm – just below freezing in most central mountains communities on Saturday, warming up to the mid-30s and 40s on Sunday as the sun appears. However, windchill and heavy clouds on Saturday will likely make temperatures feel a bit colder.

On the Front Range, Colorado Springs residents should expect a cloudy Saturday in the upper 40s and a sunny Sunday in the 50s. Denver weather will be similar, albeit a bit warming on Sunday, reaching into the 60s. Much of the Front Range will mirror the weather in these two major cities.

The week ahead will likely be quite warm and dry in Colorado, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s along the Front Range. Highs in the 40s and 50s are expected in the mountains during this period.

See more specific location information on the National Weather Service website.

Joel Gratz of OpenSnow.com is calling for 4 to 8 inches on most Colorado mountains. His daily forecast also points out that what was expected to be a weak storm on Wednesday night ended up dropping 10 inches in the Winter Park area. He's expecting next week to be mostly dry with the next chance of snow on November 21 to 22.

See the full OpenSnow forecast and resort-specific predictions here.

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Lots of snow in the high country? Balmy in the city? That sounds pretty good. I'm out of state, so I'll ask: will this take care of remaining fires? I like this site; I enjoy reading all the articles. Miss you, CO.

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