11 things to know about Colorado’s ‘stay-at-home’ order expiration

The Heermans family inside their Colorado Springs home. Photo Credit: Chancey Bush; The Gazette

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced Monday that he’ll allow the stay-at-home order to expire on Sunday. Starting April 27, the state will transition into a new phase of social distancing, referred to by the governor as the Safer at Home phase.

In the absence of a cure or vaccine, most Coloradans will get COVID-19—it just can’t all be at the same time, the governor said. Therefore the state will need to reopen responsibly and cautiously. He emphasized that things will not go back to how they were earlier this year.

Despite the stay-at-home order being lifted, Coloradans are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing and wear face masks to keep the virus from spreading.

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Here are 11 things to know about the stay-at-home order being lifted:

1. The governor has outlined three levels of social distancing: Staying at Home, Safer at Home, and Protect our Neighbors. On April 27, the state will move on to the Safer at Home phase. This phase strongly encourages Coloradans to stay home, but does not order it.

[See the governor’s presentation of data and social distancing guidelines here.]

2. Data shows that social distancing efforts have greatly reduced transmission of the coronavirus.

3. Colorado could return to the stay-at-home phase if there is a significant increase in cases or spread of the virus, according to the governor’s office.

4. Gatherings of more than 10 people are still not allowed.

5. Vulnerable populations and seniors must continue staying home except when absolutely necessary.

6. Bars, restaurant dining rooms and clubs will remain closed. They could reopen in mid-May, but it will depend on the data, says Polis.

7. Retailers can offer curbside delivery starting April 27, and then may reopen, with social distancing measures in place, on May 1.

8. In-person real-estate showings can restart on April 27. Open houses are not allowed.

9. Dental offices, salons, tattoo shops, dog grooming and other businesses offering personal services can reopen with appropriate precautions and social distancing measures. Elective medical services and surgeries can begin again.

10. Offices can reopen with 50 percent of the workforce starting ay May 4.

11. K-12 school districts and postsecondary institutions will continue to suspend normal in-person instruction until the end of the school year. Childcare centers can reopen with strict precautions.

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