A few months ago, I found out about a new clothing line that was designed to be both functional and fashionable in the world of outdoor recreation – Pearl iZumi’s “BikeStyle” collection. With this collection, you’ll find button-up shirts, khaki pants, and dress shorts, among other things, that are all designed to cater to the cyclist while they’re in the saddle, but also keep them looking good when they lock their bike up. Always looking for clothing that fits the “from the trail to the pub” persona, I had to test this new line of gear out. Very quickly, I found that this collection extends far past the biking audience. Here are three uses I’ve loved so far.

1. Biking

The two articles of clothing I tested when it came to biking were the men’s versa pant and the versa quilted hoodie (seen in the cover photo). Put the two together and you’ve got a look you’d expect to see walking down any city street or into any craft brewery.

For starters, the jacket has all zippered pockets, sure to keep your things safe regardless of what you’re doing – including a lower back pocket that caters to cyclists. It’s also got a tight fit in the best way possible, snug to the body, but in a way that’s comfortable. As far as the pants go, they’ve got plenty of flex for pedaling, zippered pockets, and a tight fit on the calves – something that keeps them out of the way of moving bike parts.

Breathable, flexible, and practical, these clothes are clearly designed for bikers.

2. Travel

On a recent trip to India, I discovered another amazing use for this clothing line and it was a complete surprise.

Spencer in Delhi
An exhausted me discovering new uses for the Pearl iZumi BikeStyle line in a crowded Delhi market.

As you’ve probably heard, India can get pretty toasty. Thankfully, these clothes are designed to keep the wearer cool. If you need a dressed up look with khaki pants and a button-up while you’re traveling to a climate that’s warmer and more humid than what you’re used to, this line is a great fit. I really loved the short-sleeve button-up for this reason.

During my time traveling, I also realized how much I loved the zipper pockets. Thanks to this feature, I didn’t have to worry about losing important documents along the way due to pickpockets or awkward movements while smashing into a tight bus. If you’re heading to a spot where you’ll likely stick out as a tourist, the zippered pockets add an extra line of defense when it comes to keeping your stuff safe on your person.

Sure to keep you cool and help protect your belongings, the BikeStyle line is something that any traveler should be aware of.

3. Lifestyle

Feeding a kangaroo in the versa quilted hoodie.
Feeding a kangaroo in the versa quilted hoodie.

The flexible nature and breathability of this line coupled with some fashion sense make this collection perfect for every day use. You can stay comfortable while still looking great.

With a wide range of stylish athletic clothes that look like normal clothes, you’d be fine rocking this wardrobe to work or to the bar, and you’ll probably get a few compliments along the way.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a unique line of clothing that can be worn in a wide variety of situations, the Pearl iZumi BikeStyle collection is it. If you’re skeptical, pick up a shirt or the pants first. You’ll be wanting to fill your closest with this brand in no time.

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