2016 was a tough year for Sports Authority, the sports retail giant that gives its name to the famed Mile High Broncos’ football stadium. The retailer declared bankruptcy, closed its Englewood headquarters, let 461 Colorado-based employees go, and closed their iconic store located in the Sportscastle building in downtown Denver.

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Meagan Martin competes at USA Climbing Nationals for Sport Climbing in Denver. Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin.

In early April, the former Sports Authority campus in Englewood was sold for $15.77 million, a deal that included two buildings totaling more than 200,000 square feet. And the new owners, Denver-based West Hampden Investors, have some big plans.

Earth Treks will lease 1050 W. Hampden Ave for a 52,000-square foot gym, the largest in the country. The space will also include a fitness facility. According to owner Chris Warner, Earth Treks rises to the top of the country’s climbing retailers. The company already runs a thriving gym in Golden and will expand their ability to serve climbing enthusiasts with this new space.

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The goal with this type of project is to repurpose the growing number of empty big box storefronts. This reuse of space does the work of filling empty retail storefronts and also creates jobs in place of the ones lost with the closing of the stores.

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