Having the right gear for the right season can make a big difference when it comes to performance, with temperature regulation being crucial to success in many physical activities. When the temperature drops and I want to get a run in, I turn to the Daehlie Winter Run Jacket and here’s why.

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series covering the OutThere Colorado’s team training process leading up to the Pikes Peak Ascent race on August 22.

For starters, this jacket is extremely lightweight, while still effective at keeping the body warm. It does this by utilizing an insulated foam section on the chest of the jacket – Primaloft Aerogel, the lightest padding in the world. At the same time, small venting holes on the back of the jacket allow hot air to escape.

Spencer McKee runs up the incline on a foggy day. Photo Credit: Delina Auciello

As someone that tends to run on city streets, as well as foot trails, I’m also a big fan of how bright this jacket is. It’s neon orange, making it hard for daytime drivers to miss. It’s also got reflective strips in key spots.

I’ve been happy wearing this jacket in the low-30s to 40s, though on a windy or gloomy day in the 50s, I’d still reach for it.

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