According to the Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management, multiple mudslides came down on County Road 30, also known as Lake Road, over the weekend, trapping cars and prompting a search and rescue effort.

The initial press release of the mudslides came out at 4:52 PM on Saturday. A later update mentioned that stranded occupants were able to safety get out of their trapped vehicles later that night with no injuries reported.

County Road 30 has been closed indefinitely pending the clean-up. By now, all vehicles have been removed, but work remains to be done. The most recent update from the Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management states that Cinnamon Pass is currently closed due to the clean-up effort from Sherman turn-off to the summit.

Mudslides during heavy rainfall aren’t uncommon in Colorado, especially in places where a burn scar exists. Never try to drive through a mudslide and avoid canyon roads in burn scar territory during heavy rainfall. Heed the flash flood warnings, as these can save your life.

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