A Boulder man who got lost Saturday while backcountry skiing near Marble and then self-rescued Sunday said he had made “multiple bad decisions” that resulted in him skiing about 18 miles over 28 hours in the Raggeds Wilderness and gutting out a night in the high mountains.

Greg Berry, 47, said Tuesday he got lost after skinning up the slopes and getting enticed by some ski tracks that led him away from his intended route down. Those skiers ended up skinning back up to the top of the slope, something Berry, who has an extensive skiing background, wasn’t prepared to do. He planned to keep skiing down the slope and return to the trailhead even if it was more circuitous than he originally planned.

After he realized he was lost, he said, clouds rolled in and made it difficult to reorient himself. He ended up heading southwest rather than skiing north to the trailhead outside of Marble.

For more, check out this article in its entirety on Aspen Times.

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