As a state built during the mining era and steeped in the rich history of the American Wild West culture, Colorado is home to plenty of legends and tall tales. Some are true, and some are false, but they’re all pretty interesting. Here are a few of the local favorites.


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Interesting article. It is remiss to show two of Leo Tanguma's murals as well as his photo and not mention his name. I do see the link to another article about these DIA murals. Mr. Tanguma has other works around the state. I had the privilege of seeing one in the making. Perhaps an article about some of these other works would also be enjoyed by your readers. Thanks


Re: #12, the info is lacking. Alferd is actually claimed by Hinsdale County, which, I guess, could loosely be termed “near Gunnison,” but Lake City has a wealth of info on this infamous dude. He trial was held in the courthouse there (still exists), and a marker for his victims is near the bottom of Slumgullion Pass. It was once rumored to be the final resting place of what could be found of his victims, but I don’t know that such was ever confirmed. Sadly that marker, which I visited many times as a kid, is on private property, and recent visitors treated it so disrespectfully with litter and other bad acts that it is now closed to the public. A real Packer legend is that the judge in the trial supposedly said, “They was sivin (sic) Democrats in Hinsdale County, and you, you man-eatin’ SOB, ate five of them. I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until dead, dead, dead.” That one’s been debunked. If you want more on this guy, head for Lake City - not Gunnison.

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