A state with an extensive history filled with dark moments, a number of ‘haunted’ spots can be found around Colorado. Here are 6 of Colorado’s most infamous ghost stories.

Leslie James is all about Colorado when it comes to writing features, sharing adventures, and creating colorful galleries. She loves camping, hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding. Leslie joined OutThere Colorado in November 2020.

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Martinez Perez Family

I’m a Colorado real native, of native heritage and Spanish from Southern Colorado Walsenburg & Trinidad area, and La Llorna is a huge Colorado haunted story , Very well known in the Latino Chicano culture. would love to have you add that someday. Thank you And I love this newsletter out there Colorado. You guys do a great job of keeping me informed on a weekly basis.


I've got what I thought was an extensive list of the historical paranormal/haunted locations in Colorado, and all but the Stanley are new ones to add to my list. Thank you! Great article!

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