There are many lakes tucked within Colorado’s mountains. Here are 10 hikes to take that lead to pristine bodies of water.

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I used to take the Blue Lakes hike quite regular 10-15 years ago. Now I am ashamed to even recommend it to friends anymore. Living on the western slope I have seen such an explosion of people here, that do not respect the area. Why are they out hiking with headphones on, talking on the phone, camping wherever. If you are going to go on hikes, camp, or whatever, PLEASE respect the area you are in, so others can enjoy it, instead of picking up your trash and hauling it out.🙁


The unspoiled secret treasure that I'm going to blab about today is called When Heck Freezes Over Lake that is hundreds of miles up an extreme rock crawling 8 Wheel Drive Road in Denver County. Beware of polar bears, plague, West Nile mosquitoes and Lauren Boebert voters there. Enjoy!


Hi to All, one of my special mountain lake is "Honky Dory Lake" in Chaffee County. Very Peaceful, Not many hikers and plenty of "Pan Fries". Climbing to the lake is a "Hair More Than Moderate", but, the outcome when you reach the lake is: "There Is A Great Spirit, Whom Created A Majestic Small Lake With Wonderful Scenery And Makes One Feel Like They Are In A Place Of Harmony And Relaxation".


I have to agree with SuzyM. Blue Lakes is suffering from extreme overcrowding. People everywhere, no restrooms, poop everywhere. There have to be better alternatives.


I'm new to the postings, but, I just sent my posting of "Honky Dory Lake". If you want "NO OTHER HIKERS", I would recommend the hike to "Honky Dory Lake", it's altitude is 12,000 ft (sign is posted there). Enjoy the hike and the scenery. Traider


The Blue Lakes trail in Ridgway is one of the busiest trails in the state, if not THE busiest (please correct me with the one that’s more heavily trafficked - Ice Lakes Basin, probably) and the dispersed camping at the lower lake is crammed with people every summer. It cannot be reiterated more to abide by Leave No Trace principles here. You’ll see trash left in the campsites and toilet paper sticking out of the ground, disgusting. I hope they will impose a permit system of some sort, am surprised the Forest Service hasn’t done so yet. This wonderful area will be ruined (along with Ice Lakes Basin, which is still closed, last I heard) if people don’t start respecting it and each other.


Please read my posting, I'm sure you will "Love The Hike To Honky Dory Lake, it's at a 12,000 ft elevation and you will be alone in my opinion in a spot that very few individuals know about. Traider

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