Mount Evans visitors got up close and personal with a wild mountain goat this past week in Colorado.

Jerry Neal from Colorado Parks and Wildlife shot this video of a mountain goat that jumped on top of the hood of a Toyota FJ Cruiser during a visit to Mount Evans. Sightings of bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and marmots are common in the area.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, mountain goats were brought to Colorado in the late 1940s and are now abundant throughout the state.

If you happen to spot mountain goats or other wild animals while you’re out there adventuring, keep your distance. This will help keep these wild animals wild. Never approach the animals to feed them or to pet them. One good rule of thumb is the “rule of thumb” rule – simply fully extend your arm with your thumb raised in the “thumbs up” position. If you can’t cover the entire animal with your thumb, you’re probably too close.

Mount Evans is a popular Colorado 14er, located at 14,265 feet in the Front Range along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. It’s also one of only two 14ers (Pikes Peak is the other) that you can drive to the top of in the state, accessed along the Mount Evans Scenic Byway – also known as the highest paved road in North America. The west ridge via Mount Spalding is the standard route for those looking to bag this Colorado 14er this summer.

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