A young female moose was spotted Friday near Colorado 105 and Santa Fe Trail in the Monument/Palmer Lake area, according to a tweet from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Wildlife officials received multiple calls about the moose, and asked that people keep their dogs leashed and avoid approaching it.

Moose, the largest big game species in Colorado, are unpredictable and will attack if they feel threatened, wildlife officials cautioned, adding that dogs are especially at risk.

This time last year, photos and video taken of people harassing, feeding or approaching moose across the state prompted officials to issue a warning to give the wild animals their space.

Last September, a 700-pound cow had to be tranquilized after wandering into the Ivywild neighborhood in west Colorado Springs. At the time, Bill Vogrin, spokesman for Parks and Wildlife, said that moose sightings were becoming more frequent because of population growth along the Front Range and into the wildland-urban interface.

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