Human interactions with a growing moose population continue to be an issue in Colorado. This time, it comes in the form of a moose getting its antlers caught in a Breckenridge-area zipline. It was determined that the reason the moose was hanging around the area in the first place was likely due to a salt lick that had been put out by a homeowner to attract wildlife.

A salt lick, or mineral lick, is often used by individuals looking to attract wildlife either for entertainment or hunting purposes. They can be helpful for animals, as they typically provide essential nutrients that can help round out an animal’s diet with sodium, iron, and zinc – nutrients that aid in bone growth and muscle repair.

What you might not know is that the use of a salt lick is actually illegal in Colorado, as it’s considered baiting animals. Salt licks can also encourage animals to travel to unnatural places, causing issues with animal-human interactions, as was the case here. It’s also worth mentioning that salt licks can help spread something called fatal wasting disease between deer. This disease is always deadly and is very problematic for Colorado’s deer population.

The use of the salt lick is why a homeowner was cited as a result of the moose getting caught in the zipline.


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