Wildlife seems to be everywhere in Colorado, and as more humans are interacting with nature across the Centennial State, encounters with wildlife seem to be becoming more prevalent than before. In this instance, a woman is walking her dog when one of three nearby moose turns and charges her.

What likely prompted the moose to charge in the video below was the off-leash dog – something that can be instinctually viewed as a threat by the moose given its similarly to a wolf. If you’re in moose country with a pup, make sure that it’s leashed and under control. If there’s an encounter with wildlife, remove your pet from the situation as quickly as possible.

The woman in this video stands her ground beside her dog, facing the moose before throwing something at it as a last attempt to scare it away. Fortunately for her, it worked. While this encounter ended with no injuries, Outdoors.org warns against standing your ground when a moose charges. According to them, what you’re supposed to do is run, trying to place some sort of large object like a tree between yourself and the animal as quickly as possible.

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