At approximately 9:05 PM last night, search parties were sent to the Betasso Loop Trail in Boulder, Colorado in search of a missing 74-year-old male, Alberto Iglesias, of Argentina.

The man had embarked on a hike with his daughter and son-in-law around 7 PM. The two accompanying him set off to run the trail with plans to meet back up at the trailhead. When they arrived at the trailhead, Alberto Iglesias was not there. The two ran the trail again, but did not find Alberto. This is when they called 911 to report him missing.

Members from Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Four Mile Fire Protection District, Sugarloaf Fire Protection District, Boulder County Open Space, and Rocky Mountain Rescue Group soon arrived to help with the search.

Rescuers eventually found Iglesias at 9:41 PM near the Fourmile Link Trailhead. He was attempting to flag down a motorist on nearby Fourmile Canyon Drive at the time.

Thankfully, this case had a happy ending. If you’re headed out on the trail, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the terrain and the route. Tell people your plan and stick to it.

The map below shows a route between where the man started and where he was found. It’s unconfirmed that this is the specific route he took, but it gives you an idea of the area.

Find additional details here.

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