Meet Oliver, the “hiking ferret.” At four-years-old, he loves to play outside, conquering a number of the state’s highest summits. He’s outgoing, friendly, and extremely energetic – when he’s not busy sleeping the typical 15 to 20 hours per day.

Oliver came to Colorado with his beloved owner, Lauren Smith, who made the big move from Texas to be closer to the mountains. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you might be lucky enough to spot these two wandering the trails. Favorite activities for the adventurous duo include bagging fourteeners, trekking across high-alpine terrain, and paddling through the state’s waters, all while stopping to pose for Oliver’s Instagram fans.

Oliver, the hiking ferret. Photo Credit: Lauren Smith

Oliver has climbed 11 of Colorado’s 50+ fourteeners including Sherman, Lincoln, Bierstadt, Huron, Quandary, Grays, and Torreys. If you’re not familiar, a “14er” or “fourteener” is a mountain peak that rises to an elevation of at least 14,000 feet – Mount Elbert being the highest at 14,433 feet, which Oliver has also summited.

Oliver has also visited a number of the state’s other iconic attractions, including Bishop Castle, Rocky Mountain National Park, Devil’s Head Lookout, The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, St. Elmo’s ghost town, and Crystal Mill. He’s even made friends with Breckenridge’s beloved 15-foot troll, Isak Heartstone.

Oliver, the hiking ferret. Photo Credit: Lauren Smith

Oliver’s harness has had custom alterations so that it fits perfectly. He also has his very own life vest for kayaking and a tent, which is part of a doll set that he loves to nap and play in. On the trail, he can hike from about a mile or two (non-consecutively). His favorite trail snacks include kibbles and treats.

Together, the adventurous duo have explored six states and eight national parks (all pet-friendly, of course).

As far as the summer bucket list goes, the pair plans to bag several more 14ers in the Centennial State, explore Zion National Park, and adventure through the Telluride and Ouray area.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s always fun to bring a pet along for the adventure, but make sure you’re following all leash laws and trail rules if you plan to do so for the safety of your pet and others.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: This interview happened prior to the COVID-19 outbreak impacting life in Colorado.

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