Every once in awhile, the average person gets puts in a situation in which they must perform spectacularly. That moment came to Mickey Wilson on a typical day at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area when things quickly went from bad to worse after a friend was accidentally hung from a moving chair lift by his neck. Fortunately, as one of the best slackliners in the world, Mickey was able to use his abilities to pull off one of the most daring ski resort rescues in recent history. This is his story.

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Colorado native Mickey Wilson has built his life around having fun doing the things he loves, which include slacklining and tearing down the mountain on skis. His list of accolades is long, including several Red Bull slackline championship titles and starring roles in viral videos – one with the famous devinsupertramp, a Youtuber and videographer, that involves a ridiculous amount of fire and ice. But here’s the weird thing…despite the media attention he gets, he’s a completely down-to-earth dude.

When Sophie and I found out we’d have a chance to talk with him, we only had a few moments to prepare. With no real recording equipment and no time to formulate questions, we just rolled with it. Mickey was well-spoken and honest both on and off the camera, and his passion for life was obvious in every line he seamlessly strung together.

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Though slacklining might be what most people know him for, it’s not the only passion Mickey pursues. He also loves yoga, hacky sacks, and writing. He’s got an affinity for coffee and is always down for a fist bump. He’s just a normal dude that does amazing things thanks to years of practice and dedication. If there’s one piece of advice Mickey would give, it would probably be something along the lines of getting out there and doing what you love, not for the attention or the fame, but because it’s something you enjoy. That’s what seems to drive him the most and that’s what seems to be the source of his happiness.

For another look at how awesome Mickey is, check out this video of him doing stunts in ice castles.

Special thanks to Xero Shoes for making this interview possible!


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