Did you know there’s a Mario Kart-themed go-kart race headed to Denver? On April 6th, a company called Mushroom Rally will hit the Mile High city, putting everyone’s favorite costumed video game characters behind the wheel in a high-speed, pedal-to-the-metal competition competing for big ticket prizes.

Photo Courtesy: Mushroom Rally.

Anyone can enter with the purchase of a ticket, and racers will spend 30 minutes blasting around a custom-built track at a non-disclosed location trying to snag as many stars as possible.

According to their ticketing website, the price of entrance is $55, and they’ve told us there’s a limit of 600 tickets available per city. Another source says they’re already running low.

The big draw? Competitors will have a chance to compete in Vegas if they (1) have the fastest lap time in a given city, (2) collect the most stars in a given city, or (3) win a random lottery of all people purchasing tickets in a given city.

Buy your ticket to compete here, but consider doing it quickly as supplies seem to be quite limited.

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