We’ve posted a few stories in the past regarding the harassment of Colorado animals, but this continues to be a problem across the state. Most recently, Colorado wildlife officials are attempting to hunt down a man who allegedly chased a moose onto the median in the middle of a busy Frisco, Colorado road. Witnesses snapped a photo (seen above), which officials are using for identification. As seen in the photo, the man is seen standing a couple feet away from a massive wild moose.

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It’s easy to see that the moose is agitated with the interaction, as indicated by it’s pinned back ears and raised hackles – two things District Wildlife Manager Elissa Slezak pointed out in a news release. The man is quite lucky the moose didn’t attack him, especially considering its size and typical behavior of moose in human interactions.

In Colorado, it’s illegal to harass animals, with fines potentially reaching more than $1,000. Aside from the steep cost, harassing animals can pose a number of risks to both the animal and also the human. I’m guessing this man isn’t familiar with how this species can react to threats, as moose can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and are known for being aggressive when threatened. If I were within 50 feet of a wild moose, I’d be slowly backing away and putting obstacles in the path of a possible charge.

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