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Along the banks of the mighty St. Vrain River, with Longs Peak standing impressively on the horizon, Longmont is not only one of Colorado’s top purveyors of craft beverages, but it’s also an ideal setting in which to enjoy them. Although it’s often unfairly overshadowed by nearby Boulder, the city has its own thriving (and less-crowded) craft scene, with a large selection of breweries, distilleries and a cidery. Like most cities in Colorado, that local scene has experienced much growth in recent years, and now there’s a great way to get familiar with each location — and to save as you go.

Sign up now for Longmont’s free Crazy Good Craft Pass program to discover the best that Longmont has to offer (you can also get it by texting CRAFT to 720-897-3574). It neatly packages the city’s best craft beverage companies into a personal tour for you to explore at your own pace, with redeemable discounts at each stop. The pass is a mobile exclusive, with deals instantly delivered via text and email, and no app to download. Eleven breweries, three distilleries and a cidery are participating, each with their own unique special offers.

Longmont Craft Breweries

Longmont has a wide variety of craft beer offerings: Breweries that produce true-to-style ales like Left Hand Brewing; Wibby Brewing who specialize in German-style lagers; to the spontaneously fermented ales from Primitive Beer, you’re sure to experience brews that will both please and even broaden your palate.

Left Hand Brewing
Left Hand was Longmont’s first brewery and despite much growth still stays true to its independent craft roots. Photo Courtesy: Visit Longmont

Featured location: Left Hand Brewing

Ever since the doors on Longmont’s first brewery opened in 1994, it has always been intensely focused on producing balanced brews. With every batch — from their lightest to their darkest — they strive for a perfect balance between malt and hops, with each handcrafted beer specifically designed to keep minds and palates in a happy state of equilibrium. And despite their exponential growth over the years, becoming an employee-owned brewery in 2015 is also a testament to their equally intense focus on remaining an independent craft establishment.

Participating craft breweries:

Longmont Craft Spirits and Cider

Although beer was Longmont’s first craft beverage, it’s no longer the city’s sole variety. For those who prefer spirits or ciders, or those who just want to get a taste of what else Longmont has to offer, the pass also contains specials from three local craft distilleries and a local cidery.

Dry Land Distillers
The team at Dry Land Distillers is from Colorado, and they create spirits with botanicals sourced from the Colorado landscape. Photo Courtesy: Visit Longmont

Featured location: Dry Land Distillers

Open now for nearly a year in the heart of downtown Longmont, Dry Land Distillers creates craft spirits that are directly influenced and inspired by Colorado’s own lands. With varieties like an heirloom wheat whiskey, an award-winning Mezcal-style cactus spirit, and a pure cane rum, Dry Land offers a completely unique imbibing experience. Their efforts to incorporate native botanicals into their spirits can pose production challenges, as the ingredients can alternately be hard-to-find, expensive or finicky to work with. But the results are reliably worth it — refined spirits born from the very land where they are consumed and enjoyed.

Participating craft spirit and cider locations:

More about the Crazy Good Craft Pass

Want to tour these great spots and sample to your heart’s content without having to worry about transportation? The BrewHop Trolley is a hop-on and hop-off tour in Longmont that makes loops to many of the local craft beverage locations every weekend, and with the Crazy Good Craft Pass you’ll get 20% off a weekend pass.

Brewhop Trolley
There’s also a discount for the Brewhop Trolley, which conveniently transports riders between craft beverage locations. Photo Credit: David Lewis

Also, after a day of drinking it’s a good idea to have overnight lodging arrangements made — so thankfully the Brewhop Trolley offers some great hotel discounts.

When you come to town to use your Crazy Good Craft Pass, the Longmont Visitor’s Center located at 512 4th Ave., Suite 103 is your go-to resource for any information or details needed about the pass. They’re open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through September.

As an added bonus, for visiting eight or more locations you’ll win a limited-edition Crazy Good Craft LOCO t-shirt! Once you’ve passed that threshold, it’s available for pick-up at the Longmont Visitors Center, on the Brewhop Trolley or by mail.

Get your free Crazy Good Craft Pass today and start saving.

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