According to a press release from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, a rock climber took a fall in Eldorado Canyon State Park on Thursday, requiring a “long and difficult” rescue process.

The distance of the fall was not included in the release, though it was mentioned that multiple injuries were sustained and that these injuries were serious.

The fall occurred on Red Garden Wall, with the location of the fallen climber and the extent of the injuries said to be factors in complicating the rescue effort. The injuries were reported to be non-life threatening.

The climber was described as a male in his late 20s from Boulder.Thanks goes out to all of the agencies that were involved, including Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, and Rocky Mountain Fire.

Details not included in the press release include whether or not the climber was utilizing safety equipment.

Several notable rock climber falls have occurred in this region of the state in recent months, including one where a man filmed his own 60 foot fall during which no safety equipment was used. That accident occurred on Boulder’s Flatirons.

Eldorado Canyon State Park stretches 885 acres near the city of Boulder, Colorado. It’s often considered one of places to climb in the state, if not the entire country.

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