A wildfire has been burning for several days in Huerfano County, Colorado, dubbed the Reveille Fire. For those familiar with the area, the blaze is located northwest of Greenhorn Peak.

On Tuesday, the fire grew to 20 acres. No additional growth occurred on Wednesday. As of June 3, containment was at 0% with no containment update since.

A rough estimate of the location of the Reveille Fire. Photo Credit: @2019 Google Maps
A rough estimate of the location of the Reveille Fire. Photo Credit: @2019 Google Maps.

This fire was started by a lightning strike, with fuels of aspen, grass, and shrubbery aiding in the growth of the blaze.

A June 4 update stated that putting firefighters near the blaze was too high of risk as adequate escape routes and safety zones do not exist in the area.

Smoke is expected to be visible in Gardner and in parts of the Wet Mountain Valley.

This is an ongoing story. Find updates here.

While this winter was particularly wet and snowpack is still high, that doesn’t mean that there’s no wildfire risk around Colorado. There should be less risk this summer, but a green spring means more fuel could be available during a potentially dry fall. It’s crucial that you do your part to protect Colorado from wildfire.

Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Be aware of wind while burning – Strong winds can cause wildfires to spread quickly, pushing them along through dry fuel. Winds also make it possible for sparks to travel great distances. If it’s a windy day and conditions are dry, it’s probably best you don’t burn.
  2. Only burn what’s meant to be burnt – Burning odd materials can result in unpredictable ash and sparks that can help spread fire uncontrollably.
  3. Don’t flick those butts – If you’re going to smoke, dispose of your cigarette butt properly. Tossing it on the ground is littering, but it also means there’s a risk of sparking up dry fuel.
  4. Always make sure a fire is out before leaving it behind – Don’t leave your campfire when it’s still dwindling. Make sure it’s out completely prior to leaving the campsite.

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