The Denver/Boulder-area National Weather Service station has released a warning that severe thunderstorms will be scattered around a large portion of the eastern half of the state during the afternoon and evening of Monday, July 8. Hazards likely with these storms include “large hail,” strong winds, heavy rain, and possible flooding. According to their warning, the key threat will be found on the Eastern Plains.

Temperatures around the state will be warm today, with the warmest temperatures found in Eastern Colorado. Lamar will hit a toasty 91, Denver will likely have temperatures in the mid-80s, and Colorado Springs currently has a high of 82.

Keep in mind that afternoon storms are common in Colorado. If you’re doing something outside, plan accordingly. Pay attention to the weather and don’t think that blue skies in the morning will last. Avoid high-altitude and/or exposed areas during storms. It’s also important to avoid areas where flash flooding may be a risk. This includes, but is not limited to, creek beds and river banks.

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