According to the National Weather Service, Friday afternoon will likely bring severe storms to parts of Colorado. Two major hazards that they’ve said are possible with these storms include “large hail” and “strong winds.” These winds will likely reach 40 miles per hour.

The storm should hit the hardest in the northeast corner of the state, with a potential for some severe weather in Denver. Expect the storm to roll through between 1 PM and 7 PM.

See exactly where the storm is projected to hit in the embedded tweet below.

In another tweet, the National Weather Service has forecast several days of bad weather ahead. Dillion is looking at a week of thunderstorms and snow with temperatures ranging from 26 to 52, Denver is looking at a week of thunderstorms and rain with temperatures ranging from 39 to 73, and Limon is looking at mostly wind-blown rain with some thunderstorms in the mix and temperatures ranging from 35 to 76. See the specifics below.

Colorado Springs will likely have warmer temperatures reaching highs in the 70s, a consistent breeze, and afternoon showers throughout the weekend before a bigger storm moves in on Monday.

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